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Filtration Specialists Filtration Systems for Mining, Water Treatment, Food Processing, Petroleum, etc., Air, Gas, Liquid and Solid Separation.
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Let me take a moment to introduce you to our company:

Larson & Associates, Inc. a certified small business established in 1989, specializing in waste management, filtration, environmental field services, and liquid/solid separation for a range of  industries. 

L&A offer economical and innovative methods for environmental clean-up and minimizing waste.  L&A technicians have the experience and expertise to evaluate and advise, regarding the need for recycling, dewatering, air sampling, and/or well monitoring. Personnel are certified and trained in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response in accordance with Federal Regulations, OSHA 29CFR 1910.120.

 In 1994 L&A opened a central waste facility for nonhazardous liquid wastes, offering Southeast Idaho unique disposal options.

 L&A offers mobile, rental, pilot, and bench testing filtration systems for on-site services, to facilities that may benefit this type of service.   L& A, capabilities include but are not limited to installation, maintenance, decommissioning, for potable water systems, pump & treat systems, pond, tank, and oil/water separators. We have the capabilities to perform further treatment to eliminate liquid as a hazardous waste and comply with a NPDES permit. 

 Filtration equipment manufacturers used in custom designed systems are as follows:

 Lakos-- an in-line liquid/solid separator that L&A applies exclusively in the potato industry for fry oil and blancher water.

 Hayward Filters-- bag filters and vessels.

 FilterCor of Texas-- specialized filter cartridges.

 Delta Cooling Towers—polyethylene forced, and induced draft cooling towers, air strippers

 L&A maintains an inventory of filtration media, carbon, cartridges, ion exchange resin, super sacks and drums.

 L & A is "Taking Pride in Keeping Our Environment Clean" and looks forward to assisting any environmental cleanup, waste management and recycling needs, you may require.  For more information, please contact us.



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